Single Gents Rules

We try to give maximum freedom to Single Gentlemen (SG) within The Club and these rules are designed to avoid issues with couples and Single Ladies who are not seeking the attention of SG.
We are confident the majority of SG are very respectful; however, feel it is necessary to make our policy clear, for all members:

  1. If Couples wear Orange wrist Bands, SG may not approach or follow them under any circumstances.
  2. If a Couple or Single Lady indicate that they do not wish to talk to, or play in proximity to all, or a specific SG; this must be respected.
  3. If SG approach a couple to initiate a conversation and they decline, the gentleman concerned must not attempt to do so again, and the couple must be treated the same as if they were wearing an Orange wristband, by that gentleman.
  4. The Couples room and corridor are out of bounds to all SG, even if invited.
  5. SG must not walk around in groups, this intimidates: Couples, Single Ladies and other SG.

There are Couples and Single Ladies who seek SG and therefore we allow SG to all parties, except Couples Night on the 2nd Saturday of each month; however, we will revoke membership of any SG, warned more than once, for a breach of these rules.
We want everyone to enjoy the Club, so:

 Please respect other members
and lets all have fun.


































































































































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