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A party for Cuckolds, Bulls, Sissy`s &, of course, Swingers




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New To Swinging


If you are new to swinging or just curious, our parties are designed to put you at ease and there is never any pressure to participate. The atmosphere is friendly and not dissimilar to a smart night club.


On arrival, you will be shown around the Club, by one of the hosts; introduced to other members, if you wish, and staff are available throughout the evening to offer help and advice.


You can ask any questions about the Club, or swinging in general, on the application form, via the `Join Us Here Button`, bottom centre of this page!



Membership & Fees


We are a private members Club and membership is required to attend our parties. Life Membership is currently:

£15 per couple & Single Gentleman

£5 per single lady


In order to encourage early arrival at certain parties, we offer a special price of just £10 for couples arriving at the Club, by 10:10pm. non members, can obtain the discount, when making their first visit, to a qualifying event, and completing membership.


Single Gentlemen.

Numbers are limited and there are couples only events. All single gentlemen must be members, provide a detailed description and photo.(See Single Gentlemen information on this page).


Fees vary for the different parties and can be found by visiting the Future Parties Page and viewing the individual party pages. When you select a party, via the party selector, on the Future Parties Page, we will send confirmation, with Dress, fees, timings etc.




If you visit this site regularly, you may need to refresh your Browser for latest party dates! F5 for I.E. Email us if you cannot register
@ The Hellfire Club











New! Calendar Party Selector


You can now select and register for parties directly from the Calendar below. Just click on the party of your choice and Register
(On Calendar, Click on `Register`, above the map, to access form)


The register link will take you directly to the booking form where you can quickly register for the party. To return to the Calendar list, click on the `Hellfire Club Events` link at the top of the individual party, calendar entry. Get 100`s of event calendars free and instantly, including ours, discreetly, on your Android or Iphone







Register here if you wish to receive membership and Club information, without booking a party.

You can also register for membership and a party in one go, via the party registration boxes below or Calendar on the right. Just choose the party you wish to attend and fill in the form, selecting `Non Member`. If you register for more than one party on subsequent forms, select `Member(s), or previously registered`


Registering does not commit you to membership





Select the party you wish to attend via the Party banners below (accessed by scrolling or the Quick Links, below Left), or the Calendar on the right!


Couples & Single ladies: Once you have completed the registration form, you are registered and can attend without further confirmation, unless you hear from us to the contrary.

Single Gents: You must receive confirmation before attending, as numbers are very limited.
We look forward to seeing you!












Starts Sunday 12th July 5pm-10pm


Remember, a Sunday well spent brings a week of content; so, put those boring Newspapers down and have some real fun!

Mellow, fun, friendly, naughty and affordable


Waived Membership & Our Lowest Entrance Fees!

Single Ladies £5

Couples £15

Single Gents £25


`Millions long for immortality who don't know what

to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday`.


Newbies, membership waived until your next visit!




Register Info Only



Latest Club News


Brief Encounter Summer Parties

3:30pm- 11pm with BBQ From 5pm-8:30pm
(Weather permitting)
Every Wed until October!

Raised Garden(South Facing), New recliners, Tesco Finest Range only BBQ, It really is friendly, fun, tasty and naughty!

Coming Up

BBQ Brief Encounter. Every Wed.

AllBarNone (Every genre Party) Sat 27th

Independence Day Masquerade Special 4th July

Wimbledon Special, Sat 11th Jul

New! Secret Sunday`s, 12th July

We have fantastic members (In every sense)! They are fun, good looking, naughty and not cliquey. The Club staff are friendly & helpful and our emphasis is on giving you a great experience. There is never any pressure to participate and there are Early Bird offers for couples at most parties.


If you have attended our parties, please take a few moments to write a review on your favorite Swingers / Fetish websites. Many thanks!


Parties below are not necessarily in chronological order, use the quick links on the left or scroll through to browse






















SinTilL8 - Wimbledon

Anyone for tennis - July 11th




Scroll Up If You Cannot See The Widget






In order to have SG at all parties, numbers must be controlled and the highest standards of manners & dress maintained.

To ecourage good dress, we have

`Suits You Sir `Discounts at The Masquerade Ball & Something For The Weekend!

Just wear a suit to qulifying parties & get £10 discount on entry
until 10:30pm

If you are not on the registration list by 4pm, you may not be admitted or, if numbers permit, charged at the 10:30pm entry fee.



Fun & mellow erotic party with regular Needy Girl specials
This Is for The Players!
Thanks Sony









Summer Extended Hours 3:30pm-11pm!
BBQ Every Wed (Weather permitting)
Come and try our: raised garden (South facing), new sun loungers, Tesco Finest Only BBQ (with Food Prep Cert)

Dress: smart casual, erotic Dress Detail...

Couples £20, Gents £35, Single Ladies FREE

BBQ, all you want for just £5pp




BE Wed & Thur Register




Couples & Groups can still register to arrive between 3:30pm-6pm, for Private room use. Just use the normal registration below and the pull down menus to select time and area of Club to reserve




Extended hours, our famous BBQ`s (All from Tescos Finest Range), new rased Garden design & sun loungers!









Wimbledon with a twist- Indoor competition,
with interesting prizes & forfeits!

Couples £10 Cashback until 10:30pm

Couples £30 before 10:30pm (£40 after 10:30pm)

Single Ladies £10
Single Gents £45

£55 after 10:30pm or registered after 6pm

sexy tennis & sports gear; min very smart casual!
(subject to membership)


Masks Register











Next Diners Night


SinTilL8 Skool

We hold occasional Diners nights in the Club or at 4-5 star hotels in the area. In house Diners nights are provided by a top local restaurants and Hotel dining is in their restaurant.
Hotels include
The Landmark
& Hotel Du Vin

A combination of fine dining and erotic after party!

For more details and to register, please use the Register link!









Every 3rd Saturday:
Next 19th July
9:30-3am (Last Entry 12:30am)

Devo Max Means Something Different Here!
The Couples Early Bird Is back & it`s bigger!
**£10 Cash-back for Couples and now, also Single Ladies**

(Cashback on entrance now until 11pm)

Entrance : £20pp until 11:00pm, £25 pp after 11:00pm
Single gents not in Fetish £45 (£55 after 10:30pm, or reg after 6pm)

A Party For Pervacious Ladies & Pervect Gentlemen
At Your S&M! Newbies? We`ll show you the ropes!

Dress: Fetish, Erotic, no rips, trainers or collarless T shirts
Dress Detail...

SWIngers & fetISH
Swish Register



































Saturday 12thDec 2015

Xmas Fancy Dress, Monks, Nuns, Bishops or, for gentlemen, not in fancy dress: Suit, Black Tie, Mess Dress or Uniforms . No jeans T shirts or trainers please.

9:30-10:30pm Couples £45 after 10:30pm:

Single ladies £20
Single Gentlemen £55 pre registered ,£75 after 11pm
**Single Gents £10 Cash-back**
(If You Arrive In Suit, DJ, Or Uniform 9:30-10:30pm)
(£65 SG registered after 4pm on the day of the party or any entry after 11pm

GropeOn is a New Year Discount

We will give you a GropeOn Coupon at the Xmas Ball to use on New Years Eve to save £10, per couple or single

**Simply The Best UK Swingers Xmas Party**
Register For Xmas Ball
Register Here






25th July

Every Genre Party With Something For Everyone!


This party has rapidly become one of the most popular, with every genre catered for: Swinging, Shibari, Dogging (with the only indoor dogging car in a UK club, our massive 4*6), BDSM, Role play (including our custom School house),
Needy Girl, Fetish, orgy and much more.



Couples Early Bird 9:30-10:30pm £30

Couples after 10:30pm £40

Single Ladies £10

Single gents: £45 before 10:30pm (and registered before 6pm), £55 after 10:30pm.


Dress Fetish, uniforms club etc min for Gents: smart casual, shoes, no T shirts. Clean Very smart jeans acceptable (No rips).

Dress Detail..
SElect Hellfire & BMFC





Valentine Party Register
Valentines Day Mascara
Makeup & Makeout at The Best Valentines`s Party
Saturday 13th February 2016

A Party For:

Cuckolds, Bulls, Sissy`s
& of course



Timings 9:30-3am (Last entry 12:30am)


COUPLES EARLY BIRD 9:30-10:30pm £35
After 10:30pm £45
Single Ladies £15
Single Gents: £45 registered before 4pm and entry
before 10:30pm

£65 entry after 10:30pm or registered after 4pm
If registered after 4pm, you may not get in.


Dress: Valentine`s, sexy erotic fun!
Gents Minimum Smart Casual (No blue jeans, T shirts or trainers)








Saturday 4th July - Independence Day Party
* £10 discount for all US passport holders*

Register Masks
9:30pm-3am (Last entry 12:30am)


(Early Bird Until 10:30pm)
Couples £45, from 10:30pm

Single ladies £15
Single Gents Pre registered £50

SG £65 registered after 6pm on the day of the party
or any entry after 10:30pm
. Suit discount until 10:30pm

£10 `Suits You Sir` discount for Single Gents

Dress: Smart, erotic Black Tie, Mess Dress, Suit, Fetish
Uniforms, etc minimum, smart trousers and shirt
absolutely no jeans please

Dress Detail



Quick Links

All EVENTS Calendar

Brief Encounter Wed

Masquerade Ball 4th Juky

SFTW 10th Jul

SinTilL8 11th Jul

Secret Sunday, 12th Jul

SWISH 19th Jul

AllBarNone 25th Jul



































































Timings: 9:30pm-3am (Last entry 12:30)
Gents in a suit £30 until 10:30pm.
Gents not in a suit £45
*Single Gents after 10:30, or registered after 4pm £65
Dress Detail...

(£65 SG registered after 4pm on the day of the party or any entry after 11pm)
Saturday 14th March 2015

Theme - Suits You Sir

**All Ladies Free!**
























































































































New year

Come & Join Us For The Biggest Party Of The Year

See in 2016 at The Hellfire Club
9:30pm-3am (Last entry 11:50)

Couples £50 after 10:30pm
(£40 with GropeOn from Xmas Ball)
Newbie`s: Membership Waived For This Party
Try the Club and defer membership until your next visit!

Single Gentlemen: £65 pre registered,
£75 after 28th Dec or entry after 10:30pm
Single Ladies £20.
Dress Smart, Erotic, Fancy Dress, Suits, Black tie No trainers, T shirts or blue jeans please. One Discount Only.

New Year Register
**New Years Eve Ball**




Dress Rules


































Something For The Weekend

Friday 10th July

(2nd 4th & 5th Friday of Month)


Get the weekend off to a great start!

NEW! Couples Early Bird 9:30-10:30pm
ONLY £20

(£30 after 10:30pm)


*Single Ladies FREE admission*


Single Gents: £40
(£55 after 10:30pm or registered after 6pm)
Sexy smart casual More here: Dress Detail..

Register Here!