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Welcome to the Hellfire Club! We are very excited to show you our party lineup and hope you will come along and join us at, what is generally accepted to be, the most stylish and friendly Swingers, Fetish & LGBT Club in the UK.


If you wish to register for details only, please use the `Registration Form For Membership Only` below.


If you know the party you wish to attend or want to search for a party by style or date, you can can register for membership and the party of your choice in one submission, just use the links below, select register, then Non Member, in the short form.


Couples and Single Ladies do not need confirmation to attend a party (we will send an email with more about The Club and contact you if there is a problem with your registration!).
Single Gents must receive membership confirmation before attending a party.


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I know the name and or the date, of the party, I wish to attend.



I want to register for membership and learn more about the Club and parties, but don`t wish to attend a party yet!!



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