What On Earth Is This All ABout, I Hear You Say!


Well, it is simple:

Firstly, you don`t have to play; you can just come to the party and
watch, or do your own thing! Just register and
select `I`ll sit this one out!`

NEXT PARTIES: May 17th, June 21st, Jul 19th, Aug 16th, Sep 20th!

The Players

Gents who opt in, get issued with (pretend) money and a wrist band
on arrival at reception, all gents who opt in, and arrive before 10:30pm.


Ladies (Single or Couples) who opt to play, just select `I`m in` on registering!



The game is simply for Ladies to get as much money from
the Gents, as they can, before midnight!


At midnight, the lady with the most money wins 4 FREE
party visits, worth up to £200!


The Runner up, wins two FREE parties!


How do you get a gent to give up his money; well, theres the problem. Only
a smart persuasive and dare I say, sexy lady, will win!


The prize wins can be redeemed at all parties run by The Hellfire Club during the period of 3 months from the party day! Winners can attend as Single or a couple!




**Attend Friday & we will discount your entry Saturday by £10**

Couples £40 all evening

Single Ladies £20 all evening

Single Gents £50, (£60 if registered after 6pm or entry after 10:30pm)

Register below and have a truly fun evening!



































































































































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