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Can I / We Just Turn Up


Currently, there is no membership required to attend parties

The restrictions on attendance relate only to dress and party rules i.e. Single Gents are limited in number and, along with TV / TG cannot attend Couples Only Weekend, and Couples Only one off parties.

Although there is no membership, we reserve the right to refuse entry, if your dress or general appearance, does not meet our standards; this includes clear evidence of intoxication.

Use the party links to view dress and other details, then register via the Tickets and Deposit tab, on the party page to be redirected to Evenbrite, for prices and tickets

You may be asked for a password; they are different for each party and contained on the party details page and payment tab

(They are NOT available on Eventbrite and do not relate to your Eventbrite login, if you have one).

*Alcohol & Drinks In General*

Do Couples Early Bird and Weekend Pass Really Save You Money

Yes indeed; If you pay for Friday with the Couples Weekend Pass ticket, Saturday works out at around £8pp

Some big events have long lead times and we want to reward early registration, so Couples Early Bird saves you around £10 per ticket; other tickets may also cost more, as the event approaches.

Where do I get tickets and what is your refund policy?

Price and refund information

What Is The Safe Sex Policy

We strongly advocate safe sex and advise guests to discuss the issue, however briefly, with potential play mates. In our experience, it proves to be less awkward than you might imagine, and it ensures both parties are comfortable with the arrangement. We recommend guests bring their own condoms for size, sensitivity verses safety, expiry dates etc. We sell Skyn condoms; however, they are one size and barrier strength

Can Two Men Attend As A Couple

Yes, you can; however you would need to bring your marriage, or civil partnership certificate to prove you are a genuine couple.

TV and TG: Single Ladies, or not?

For certain parties yes, we recognise TV/TG as Single Ladies, only at our monthly Fetish events: SWISH, AllBarNone and The Dungeon; all other events, including Xmas SWISH, and Major events, you must purchase a single gents ticket. We have created this compromise, in order to recognise genuine TV and TG, but also to be fair to Single Gents, who pay considerably more for their tickets, than Single ladies.


*Single Gents Dress*

Single Gents Dress standards

Age Restrictions

21 is our age restriction and we would ask for ID, if you looked or acted with a maturity, we gauge to be under 21. If you are older, but are fortunate enough to look under 21, please bring some confirmation of age, when attending.

Party Times

Timings & Pricing

Disabled Access

We welcome disabled visitors and strongly support Help The Heroes

There are ramps for door access upstairs and downstairs

Although there is no lift between floors (we are lobbying the council for a grant)

we are happy to assist with lifting visitors and their wheelchairs!


There is FREE , secure (Lit and CCTV covered) parking for around 60 cars dirctly outside the Club, with overflow within 100m

We can accomodate 2 RV`s in our private parking. Please email prior and arrive before opening, to ensure the space is held.

Ladies; if coming by car, a second outfit, is a good idea; for if you feel, more, or less adventurous later in the evening!

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones may not be used in any public areas, apart from:

The Terrace Garden, Courtyard Garden and reception

Exceptionally, on special occasions, cleared with staff, mobiles may be used e.g. midnight on New Years Eve, or a group celebration, where all in attendance are in agreement for mobiles to be used.

Where guests use their phones, outside the stated exceptions, and after being warned, they WILL be asked to leave the Club.

Respect other guests and their privacy; thank you

*Newbie Questions*

Is this really the best Club in the UK?

If you are looking for a smart, clean venue, with a fantastic nightclub atmosphere, unrivalled facilities, great party lineup and helpful dedicated staff, then we believe we are the best!

Only if you cannot find the answer to your question, ask Peter here!

Latest news on upcoming parties

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You can email me with any additional questions, but please, check our FAQ for answers before emailing, as we can get very busy on party days and may take some time to reply!

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