Updated: 01/05/21.

In accordance with Government advice, the Club was closed on the 17th March 2020. We have been randycapped for far too long; but now our long closure is approaching an end.

We have set Wednesday 19th May for our first outdoor party; ; unfortunately numbers are limited to 30, until our first unlimited indoor and outdoor parties on 23rd (Brief Encounter) & 26th June (`Unmasked Ball`)



There are things we can all do to keep ourselves
safe and well:


• We are providing extra cleaning of all touch surfaces
during parties.


• The Club is deep cleaned regularly by our miracle House Keeper, Miranda, to a level that matches any hospital.
(We use mostly Method, Eco friendly products).


• All staff regularly wash their hands with an anti viral
& antibacterial soap.


• Staff will take the appropriate time off if they develop any
symptoms related to Covid 19
(sore throat, coughing and or temperature).


• We would ask that if you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with Covid 19, or have a cold /flu, not to attend parties, until you are well again. Even if your cold is not Covid, coughing will create anxiety amongst other members and we ask you get well quickly and return, ready and healthy!


Thank you for your continued support and
we look forward to seeing you again when we reopen.
Peter & his great team


We now accept payments via Subbly for Subscriptions, Ticket Source for prepaid tickets and Cash /Card at reception (Priority is given to Subscription Members, then online non subscription (associate members) and lastly, payment at reception.


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