Updated: 11/03/21.

In accordance with Government advice, the Club was closed on the 17th March 2020. We are now in Sring 21 and hopefully, our long closure is approaching an end.

We have set Saturday 26th June as our reopening party

` The Unmasked Ball`


Although we are not fully reopened until June 26th, we are looking to create a ` Munch` Cafe ( Munch being a s term to describe a social gathering of Swinger,s aspiring Swingers and was originally a term from the BDSM community) , where members can get together, in a non, or limited play, environment, whilst remaining within the governements regulations. There will be much more on this initiative in the next few weeks.



The legal position:
Government: Businesses and venues which will remain closed
All businesses and venues can remain open, or reopen as stated, except for those in the list below, which remain closed in law:
Nightclubs, dance halls, and discotheques
Sexual entertainment venues and hostess bars.

There are draconian fines and closure without appeal for breaches of the restrictions.     



There are positives and we are actively seeking ways to find a compromise solution: Co habiting couples could play, we have two outside areas, a large hall, dungeon, viewable playrooms etc. Voyeurism, socializing and bubbles can all be used to help create the social and sexual balance clubs will need to adopt, in order to create a safe and attractive environment to visit. We are optimistic that, vaccination, combined with testing can enable gradual reopening and no restrictions by 21st June!


There is much more that will be added to the site and it is, on the whole positive; inevitably though, the variables that inform decisions are many, various and some, impossible to quantify until we reopen. To divine this, when they are all subject to almost daily revision, makes definite projections difficult!

Please feel free to disseminate this to your friends

Stay safe
Ps We are offering to double any pre-payment for parties, made prior to reopening. Our finances are sound and I am hopeful that we will see Autumn and Xmas parties close to attendance levels, prior to lockdown. Please use this link for details: Hellfire Club Home PageJust click on the Buy 1 Get 1 Free icon!
You can also check out our new Mobile friendly website!




There are things we can all do to keep ourselves
safe and well:


• We are providing extra cleaning of all touch surfaces
during parties.


• The Club is deep cleaned regularly by our miracle House Keeper, Miranda, to a level that matches any hospital.
(We use mostly Method, Eco friendly products).


• All staff regularly wash their hands with an anti viral
& antibacterial soap.


• Staff will take the appropriate time off if they develop any
symptoms related to Covid 19
(sore throat, coughing and or temperature).


• We would ask that if you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with Covid 19, or have a cold /flu, not
to attend parties, until you are well again.


Thank you for your continued support and
we look forward to seeing you again when we reopen.
Peter & his great team


We now accept payments via Card at reception and BACs Credit/Debit card remotely.


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