Verifications from Fab Swingers For The Hellfire Club


plainjane81 by Meeting in person
Had an amazing night at the halloween party :) the night was well thought out lovely staff fantastic decks and good music.. best dungeon in London and dogging car!!!
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DomAndTeaser by Meeting in person
We attended the bad girls night last night, and whilst Mrs didn’t play, Mr certainly enjoyed it. Was a great night, a fab theme, busy enough to be fun, and boy many had fun x
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hotnhorny85 by Meeting in person
Thankyou for providing the best swingers club venue by far. It was my birthday and we went back to school and abused the amazing authentic classroom which was opened up specially for us for the night. The pole on the dance floor had my husband tied to it and we all enjoyed the view. And the cinema live stream room was amazing! First time using it and won't be the last ! Thankyou again love your regular visitors x ps c u soon ! Alreafy planning nect trip over
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Elsie and bert by Meeting in person
Fantastic club, fantastic people, fantastic night. This is what swinging should be all about. We will be back!
9 September 2019
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Joanna- by Meeting in person
Had a great time at Hellfire's Truly Vivacious last night; it was my first time out and the staff were friendly on arrival and throughout the evening which really helped settle any nerves I had going in. The facilities were clean, stylish and helped give the whole evening a great vibe that everyone seemed to enjoy :) I'll be heading back for sure!
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Curvy_Jayne by Meeting in person
Really great venue. It has a good variety of play rooms, private and public, with different themes and it's all well looked after. Loved the glory holes and dark room, really want to play in the cinema next time!
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eandjnewbies by Meeting in person
I’ve known peter for some time now. Took my new (7 months) girlfriend to Hellfire on Saturday and she loved it. She is very new to the lifestyle and had previously visited abfabs but hated it and I thought there would be no chance of her getting to another club. I talked her into trying Hellfire as the people are so respectful and really lovely. Within 20 mins of arrival she said this is much better and by the end she said to Darren behind the bar we will be back regularly. This is my favourite club based on the amazing staff and the respectful friendly customers. See you all there very soon
9 July 2019
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jingle-my-bell by Meeting in person
I went on Friday and was really well treated. The staff were great and easily made you feel settled in. The venue is nice and has many rooms to explore. I enjoyed the live streaming camera viewing room which was interesting. I would definitely tell people to visit. Going to be back again
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Haloandhorns by Meeting in person
What an amazing club and a wonderful host. Peter has set up a truly amazing play space over two floors - the heavenly upper floor and the devilish lower floor. It was my first visit and it won’t be my last - although next time I will try not to flash the bar whilst wearing my kilt!
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rocknblonde by Meeting in person
Great club great atmosphere great people and great management, had a fabulous time last night. Pleasure to meet you and enjoy your club, keep it up R&B
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Dinz by Meeting in person
What can I say about peter we met a few times at his club as I go there almost regularly such a gentleman down to earth and easy to start a conversation with he is very kind with all The club is simply fantastic nice atmosphere and very clean I’m looking forward for more visits
2 April 2019Want to verify Dinz in return?
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yamsi by Meeting in person
My wife and i visited on Sat 9th, we didn't play but felt welcomed and at ease, this was our first visit (newbie recce) and are planning on going back in the near future.
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Ben Vivian by Meeting in person
Our first visit on Thursday, quiet but what an amazing venue covering two floors one heaven and one hell, lots of play rooms, very clean, had a great feel about the club, everyone was really friendly. It’s a great playground for lots of naughty times to be had here, we will be back we love the naughty early evening plays.
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Retro1940s by Meeting in person
Attended Hellfire on a Sunday. First class venue, welcoming staff and a most erotic experience. Anne adored the cinema set up.
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Hubbyandhotwife by Meeting in person
Simply the best
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Hubbyandhotwife by Meeting in person
Still the best club in the South
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LICENCE2THRILL by Meeting in person
X SIMPLY THE BEST CLUB X Try it you’ll be hooked as I was , not forgetting the fab themed nights
19 July 2018
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LICENCE2THRILL by Meeting in person
Hi What can I say about Peter and his club that hasn’t been said already The Hellfire was my first club and still is my favourite club Other clubs have come and gone , but this little gem is simply the best! I love the themed nights , very special place Try it you’ll be hooked too XXXXXXXX
18 July 2018
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bustyebonywife by Meeting in person
Peter is an absolute gentleman and runs the most fabulous club, the staff are incredible and facilities wonderful. Cannot recommend highly enough, he and the club deserve every success
29 April 2018
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Latino_Passion_fruit by Meeting in person
I when to the hellfire Easter bunny ?? party, Amazing lovely people super clean, I dance all night with beautiful people,, Super good and clean people Are super friendly and very professional no to be missed
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Kinky Mix by Meeting in person
Hellfire was smokin' hot last night, especially in the dungeon where it really felt that we had descended into Hades! This club just gets better and better!
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Adores blackmen by Meeting in person
I went to this club on Saturday night with a male friend,I can see they really do look after the club and there guests, very classy, clean and comfortable, I wrote a club review, overal l was very impressed,I will definitely be back in the future :-)xxx Sheri
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californiagal123 by Meeting in person
Lovely evening in this huge club. Several couples and a few single men. Hot pansexual action, we could say.
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cheekycheeky25 by Meeting in person
Attended the hellfire club tonight (28/02/18) nice evening and very friendly staff welcomed me into the club and made me feel welcome. Members were very welcoming also to me. Really enjoyed the night and will be back on a regular basis. Don’t delay going guys.
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Everest95 by Meeting in person
Visited the Hellfire Club last Night 24/02/18. It was really busy night lots of couples and good mixed of single gentlemen too. We have had a great fun and we love this place now. We will definitely back again. Thank you Peter see you next time. Great club highly recommended to everyone else’s those who haven’t been there before. Have a go & next one will be Masquerade Ball Party see yaaa Mr R and Mrs R
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Mark197 by Meeting in person
I have visited with Another couple to HellfireCulb on 10/02/2018.The Best club around London.Very clean and nice place.we really enjoyed the night. Really great person Peter and Team. Looking forward to meet you guys next week.
11 February 2018
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TVSarah69 by Meeting in person
Visited the Hellfire Club last evening - for the first time - although I have been to Candy Girls (same venue) several times. The staff were exceedingly friendly - Susanna and Helen - the rooms were spotless and the dungeon busy ! It’s a small world and I met a couple of ex Private club, Slough and Kestrels people ! Overall, an extremely good venue with a variety of themed evenings that I will enjoy in the future !
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Tinku by Meeting in person
Very nice swinger club.. friendly people
21 January 2018
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Hubbyandhotwife by Meeting in person
Without a doubt the best club we have been to. Joe and Mandy
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gufuncouple by Meeting in person
Hellfire 8th Birthday Party (30/Sept) As usual for this club, a top notch clientele in a relaxed a friendly atmosphere. Recommended for both the 'newbies' and the more 'experienced' clubbers. Well done Peter and team, we'll be back for more soon! :-)
3 October 2017Want to verify gufuncouple in return?
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RODGER1 by Meeting in person
Attended the club for the first time last week. It won't be the last time! I went with a couple who had recommended it to me. I wasn't disappointed. Fantastic layout. Plenty of room. Lovely staff. A really good mix of people who were friendly and sexy. The dungeon area is amazing and the play rooms tidy and comfy. There were a few single men there but not too many. This was one of the highlights as with many clubs it seems money comes first and they don't care who comes through the door or how many single men there are . HELLFIRE is different thank God. I'd recommend this as that diamond in the rough.
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Adrian36sw by Meeting in person
I've been to Hellfire Club on several occasions and I would like to say it is a fantastic place! The host is always paying attention to all details and do their best to make everybody feel great! Met lots of quality people over there and each time was great fun! Not only in the bedrooms, cinema, dungeon or glory hole but also at the bar where the social part of each event was taking place! I would definitely recommend this club to all of you genuine people out there!
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J and D 2018 by Meeting in person
We visited this fantastic club for the recent masquerade evening. The venue was very clean, hygienic, looked after, and we were made to feel VERY welcome for our first visit there. Had lots of fun!! Had a long chat with Peter, top guy!! Now looking to see if I (Carmen) am free to attend Peter's birthday bash as unfortunately Phil is now working away for a month or so. Are you a whisky or socks man for your birthday Peter?? Xxx
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Different69 by Meeting in person
Visited venue for first time..... Went with open mind, as a single fella was a bit nervous and sceptible.... Needn,t of been.... Very freindly, laid back and relaxed felt very at ease.. Peter ( owner) although very buisy still found time to come over for a chat and say hello, nice fella. Great venue tastfully decorated and smart layout...very cosy... Definatly will visit again.. A real reccomend.
11 June 2015
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The Enchantress by Meeting in person
Lovely man, true friend and runs the most opulent and elegant
23 August 2014
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Ollie and Apples by Meeting in person
Apples and I attended Hellfires' masquerade party Saturday night, unsure of what to expect we were greeted by a beautiful hostess who in the absence of Peter conducted us on a grand tour of the club..setting the tone for our fun filled evening of sauciness and sexual debauchery.. We mingled easily amongst our fellow partygoers , the ambiance was fun and flirtatious. Thoroughly enjoyed our night and look forward to the next one... Ollie & Apples
4 August 2014
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mike_jay101 by Meeting in person
We have attended The Old Hellfire Club, and met peter many times. Although we attend either the Fetish or Masquerade events, the club host many different events, so we are sure you will find something you like there. We have a special liking for the dungeon area, where I enjoy having Jay restrained and pleasured, there are many private rooms if you prefer secluded fun, or a large playroom for the more risque type of fun. But for newbies who just want to test the water, the bar is a great place to socialise, and you will find that the club is not at all cliquey. Mike and Jay
29 May 2014
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BNaughty by Meeting in person
We love the hellfire club. Very clean and high class. Way better than others we've tried. Very friendly and not cliquey - have met loads of genuine people who have become friends whether we play or not. Have s good Christmas and see you in the new year. Xx
24 December 2013
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FriendlyThamesExplorer by Meeting in person
Fantastic club - welcoming, well run, clean, beautifully presented and helpful staff. Naturally, the club attracts a wide range of generally lovely people and it's a fantastic night out! Thoroughly recommended!
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greedies by Meeting in person
we visited club many times .very good club .will go there again mick,kim
26 May 2013
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Snowbunnies2 by Meeting in person
We went to Hellfire for our first club event this weekend, and found Hellfire to be a warm, safe, clean and entertaining place to be. We hope to find time to visit again in the future
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gufuncouple by Meeting in person
Have known Hellfire for a number of years, totally genuine chap with an exceptional club - well worth a visit.
3 July 2012Want to verify gufuncouple in return?
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redcougar by Meeting in person
I have visited the club on a number of occasions, something which I would not normally do as a single female, but I find it a safe comfortable environment where everyone is so friendly and no one gets pushy. At the first hint of a problem someone has always come over and made sure I am OK. Peter is a marvellous host and he has a great team. If you are looking for your first venture into the club scene I could not think of anywhere better.
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justparty by Meeting in person
Owner of a great club in Sunbury. Always friendly. Really love the place.
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Jemjo by Meeting in person
Been to his club on numerous occasions. Very friendly and always ensures we have a great time.
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