In accordance with Government advice, the Club was closed on the 17th March, until such time that the the risks are deemed to have been fully mitigated.



We will be guided by government advice; therefore,when Pubs and restaurants open fully, we will look to open 2 weeks later; allowing time for signs of retrogression. Although Covid 19 is not sexualy transmitted, it would be somewhat impersonal to play without kissing! However, once social distancing is lifted, we will look at options for opening! Should there be protracted, reduced social distancing measures, we will look at opening on a Munch basis, to allow members to reconnect, whilst abiding by any restrictions.


The health, safety and wellbeing of our guests is our absolute priority and we will not put financial considerations above our members and staff safety. Once re-opened, we aim to create a haven, in these difficult times, where a positive attitude, vigilance and a sense of community prevails.


We will do all we can to look after you, our valued guests and I am confident that our emphasis on cleanliness and safety, will provide the reassurance you need, when we re-commence parties.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate
to get in touch with Peter.


A note of thanks: I would like to take this opportunty to thank you, our loyal and fantastic members, who have helped us build a club that is generally accepted to be amongst the very best in the UK; confirmed by our reviews on Swinger sites, such as FabSwingers.


Lastly, I must mention my amazing work colleauges, who go well beyond the call of duty in supporting me and promoting the club!



There are things we can all do to keep ourselves
safe and well:


• We are providing extra cleaning of all touch surfaces
during parties.


• The Club is deep cleaned regularly by our miracle House Keeper, Miranda, to a level that matches any hospital.
(We use mostly Method, Eco friendly products).


• All staff regularly wash their hands with an anti viral
& antibacterial soap.


• Staff will take the appropriate time off if they develop any
symptoms related to Covid 19
(sore throat, coughing and or temperature).


• We would ask that if you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with Covid 19, or have a cold /flu, not
to attend parties, until you are well again.


Thank you for your continued support and
we look forward to seeing you again when we reopen.
Peter & his great team


We now accept payments via Card at reception and BACs Credit/Debit card remotely.


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